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Pumice Stone for Cleaning 2 Pack | Eco Friendly | Toilet Cleaner

How to Use ?

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Step 1

Dip the Pumice Stone in water for 1 minute


Step 2

Rub the stone on the area you want to clean


Step 3

After scrubbing, wash the area with water to finish. All set!

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We Planted 1,89,489 Trees​

Badhaye ek kadam Nature ki aur

"Badhaye Ek Kadam Nature Ki Aur" by using eco-friendly Pumice 6 in 1 Cleaning Stone. It Effectively cleans Toilets without Harsh Chemicals, making it Safe for the Environment and Reducing Plastic Waste.
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How can You

"Our unique approach involves planting a tree for every purchase, ensuring that we're making a positive impact on the environment with every transaction."

Our Goal

At Dwella, we're committed to sustainability and our goal is to plant a tree for every pumice stone purchased, providing updates and photos of the planting process.