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Eco-Friendly Cleaning: Made from natural volcanic rock, ensuring a chemical-free solution.

Effective Stain Removal: Easily eliminates stubborn stains, limescale, rust, and mineral deposits.

Safe and Sustainable: Offers a green cleaning alternative without harsh chemicals.

Efficient and Reliable: Provides powerful cleaning action for a sparkling clean toilet.

Use: Dip in water for 1 minute, scrub the area, then rinse.



Introducing Pumice Stone for Toilet

Say goodbye to stubborn stains, hard water deposits, and grime with ease. Our Pumice Stone Bathroom Floor Cleaner is specifically formulated to tackle the toughest toilet messes. Crafted from natural volcanic rock, it effortlessly removes even the most persistent buildup, including limescale, rust, and mineral deposits.

Ideal for all ceramic surfaces, it leaves your toilet bowl and bathroom floors sparkling clean and fresh. Eco-friendly and chemical-free, it provides a safe and effective cleaning solution for your home, ensuring a hygienic and spotless environment with minimal effort.

Powerful Cleaning Action of Pumice stone

Harnessing the power of advanced cleaning technology, our Pumice Stone Bathroom Floor Cleaner effectively removes dirt and bacteria, ensuring a hygienic environment with every use. Whether it’s limescale, rust stains, or mineral deposits, our powerful formula penetrates deep to dissolve and eliminate stains, restoring your toilet bowl to its pristine condition.

Pumice stone for toilet Ingredients

  • Natural volcanic rock: Crafted from eco-friendly volcanic rock, our pumice stones offer sustainable cleaning.
  • Abrasive minerals: Derived from the volcanic rock, these minerals effectively remove stains and deposits.
  • Water: Contains trace amounts to aid in softening and dissolving stains during the cleaning process.
  • No harsh chemicals: Our pumice stones are chemical-free, ensuring safety for use on various surfaces without causing harm.

Easy to Use

  • Step 1: Dip the Pumice Stone in water for 1 minute.
  • Step 2: Rub the stone on the area you want to clean.
  • Step 3: After scrubbing, wash the area with water to finish. All set!

Upgrade Your Cleaning Routine

Upgrade your toilet cleaning routine with Pumice Stone Bathroom Floor Cleaner and experience the remarkable difference. Effortlessly tackle tough stains and grime on toilet bowls and bathroom floors. Made from natural volcanic rock, this cleaner ensures a powerful yet gentle clean, leaving your bathroom gleaming and fresh with minimal effort. Say hello to a cleaner, fresher bathroom and choose Pumice Stone Toilet Cleaner for superior results every time.

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34 reviews for Pumice stone for Toilet Cleaner 6 Pack | Eco Friendly | Toilet Cleaner

  1. Ravi Dua

    I recently purchased a Pumice stone from Dwella and was pleasantly surprised to learn that they planted a tree on my behalf. Thank you, Dwella Team, for your commitment to sustainability!

    and about product A very useful product if you have hard water , and regular bowl stains , it worked in a situation where everything else , including acid had failed. Needs a lot of scrubbing but removes all hard water stains from the toilet bowl very well. Literally turned the comode from brown back to white

  2. Anupallavi Konar L.

    good product does the job

  3. Nivaanen Y.

    Great for Cota floors, granite counter tops. For tough buildup. These really save you time. Also non – toxic

  4. Shatapathi Dharshinisri R.

    As there is no such product in this range in the market its good at least some how clean the commot pan and looks good

  5. Roshanthy Saraswathi

    I never knew about this. Tried and found it to be effective in removing the stains!

  6. Ghanahi W. Harichandan

    As there is no such product in this range in the market its good at least some how clean the commot pan and looks good

  7. Shashini S Naicker

    I can only comment on delivery at this time. Delivery was made prior to the estimated end date. Arrived in good condition. I have not used the pumice stones. No instructions included.

  8. Thanushree Iyer

    We’ve been struggling for years, trying to remove hard water lime scale from around the water line of our toilet bowls. We purchased so many cleaners and tools that promised to work…..not one of them touched the lime scale, not ONE. We had pretty well given up and decided that we were going to have to live with it, or replace the toilets. As a last resort, I ordered these pumice stone toilet bowl cleaners. I was skeptical because I had tried others before (a green coloured version).

  9. Shanjeev Abinath T.

    Easy to use, and very efficient. Delivered to our door when they are very hard to find in local stores.

  10. WooCommerce

    One person found this helpful

  11. Namya V.

    We have very hard water and this took the stains right out!

  12. Prameela

    good product does the job

  13. Sutheesan Konar

    Product is ok. However, it is easy to use.

  14. Athvaitha Nanda

    Stains are not vanishing. Only stone is wearing out without removing the stains

  15. Vimelesh

    Saw some youtube video regarding removing red stains from toilet seats. Ordered it and tried. It works like magic. Removes all stains and water marks. Just wet it with water and the surface and let it work.

  16. Sevanthi U. Yadhavar

    works great easy to use on the gray ring in the toilet the ring is mostly from hard water and scrubbing the ring with the pumice really does work I was surprised and happy no more ring will buy again

  17. Rajapratheeban Mohapatra Adv

    For the stuff that won’t come off….works great…just be aware of what u can use on…don’t want scratches. Would buy again from seller.

  18. Mukurtha L. Jagdev

    Bought to clean ring in toilet, does what I bought it for.

  19. Dhanush

    Wonderful cleaning products for a house and thank you for growing trees in our name.

  20. Dr Venya V.

    Extremely recommend.

  21. Varshayen Aarmaya

    Did a nice job removing calcium deposits in toilet bowl from well water..

  22. Potchelvi Srichandan

    I have spent a fortune on liquid cleaning products trying to removed the cooked-on spills from my gas range. I saw a video on tic-tok on pumice stones and only wish I had seen the story earlier!

  23. Rizwan Begham

    I’m grateful for the tree you planted on my behalf. Your stain-removing product is truly impressive, leaving surfaces spotless and pristine. Your commitment to environmental sustainability is commendable. Thank you for making a difference and providing such a high-quality solution.





  26. Akshaya

    Waste of money can you please send me the return back my money. Only store not working please don’t buy waste your money

  27. Hariharan

    I bought this product but till now it was not delivered to me. Reached to provided numbers there is no use of it

  28. Feroz Kumar Modi

    It is a lovely product that I did not know existed and did not know how to use it. But this is a lovely find! You will have to lubricate the stone with soap & water and also the wash basin surface that has sediments. Sediments that had layered on it for years. Now the hard work starts where in you will have put effort to rub on that sediment with this stone. Do it for a while and then wash it off. You will see the original clean ceramic surface appear slowly. It takes time but gives lot of satisfaction when done! You can bring it back to the original glory in which it was years back when newly installed. What a product? If you like spending time to clean the ceramic surfaces, then go for it. It takes hours of hard work, and you will for sure achieve the results! The satisfaction after that is priceless!!!

  29. Very useful item for cleaning commode. Must item for every toilet.

    Ankita Chawla

  30. Jayshree Maheshwari

    The product which describes to clean any hard surface easily was actually not easy and it doesn’t Clean. The product dissolved without even cleaning 2 tiles. Waste of money and waste of time in which I tried cleaning the bathroom tiles .

  31. Somnath Pratap Saha

    Very easy to use and cleared very stubborn yellow stains and water scales formed over years. Beauty of the product is the wash basin looks new after cleaning with this Pumice stone. Simply superb product.
    Bottles and bottles of Harpic were not able to clear the stains, whereas with this product just two cleanings cleared all stains and scales.

  32. Bagwati Radhe Bhat

    Helped me in cleaning the bathroom closet

  33. Jagdish Pratap Badal

    I love this product it’s effective for cleaning easily!

  34. shatapathisaraswathi@gmail.com

    I am renting and the toilet had a yucky yellow ring. I used this product and it was gone!! Highly recommend.

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